What if I can't find the right photo?

We recommend taking your own photo, or finding a reputable website to purchase images from (such as Shutterstock, Thinkstock, iPhoto, etc.)

What do we recommend that you do not do? Using the internet to search for an image and download it without going through the proper avenue of getting the license for it.  (Think copyright infringement..)



• Take the image horizontally. Photos that are taken vertically will look stretched out.
• If you are using your phone to take the image, check the settings to make sure you have chosen to take the image in hi-resolution (typically this is a larger file size, so if you do not have the option for hi-res, choose the largest file size (MB) that you can.
If you have the option, images should be 300 dpi in resolution.
• Horizontal Images should be sized to 2700 x 1800 pixels or a 9:6 ratio. 
• A FREE site for photo enhancement is
• Take the picture at an angle, not from directly above the plate.
• Save the image as a .jpg, .jpeg, or.png file before uploading it to your Library.


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