I want to make a TO GO menu, but my pages are in separate documents!

The best way to make a togo menu is to create all of your pages in a single document. We've explained the basics of how it works here, in this article.

Sometimes, we don't have all the pages in a single document and we need to think outside the box. Here are the steps to arrange the pages into a togo menu using our system. Please note that your pages will not be editable using this method.

For more information on using custom designs for backgrounds, see this article.

  1. Download the pdfs of your documents

  2. Convert pdfs to flattened images, like jpgs

    • If you don’t know how to do it on your computer, you can use a service like this:

  3. Upload all page jpgs to your Library as a Design

    • Is the page you exported 11” or 14”? Be sure to choose the appropriate size.
    • For ease-of-use in this example, we’re going to set them all as Shell
    • Choose either 11” Shell template or 14” Shell template.

  4. Create a new Menu Page document.

  5. Choose either 8.5x11 or 8.5x14, depending on the size of your menu pages (whatever size you set as you uploaded your menu page jpgs into your design library)

  6. Set page position to Shell and layout to Custom & Shell Backgrounds

    • You will leave the Page Content blank

  7. Click on Design and choose My Designs for your category.

  8. Choose the menu page from your Design Library that you want as your first page.

  9. Add another page to your document and use the same process (steps 6-8) to insert remaining menu pages.

  10. Once your document has enough pages to create a togo menu, clicking on the “Download” button will reveal a “Download Togo” option!

You can see a full list of supported pages and sizes for creating togo menus here.

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